Ethos: our Values

1. User Centered online platform.

2. Quality Education (for students and teachers).

3. Independence and Objectivity.

4. User-friendly experience. 

5. Reliability. Trustfullness.

6. World Leader as mould Knowledge and Information source.Global Recognition.

7. Coherent digital and graphic presentation, easy and fast to understand (mind-maps and touch keys). 

8. Consistent, rigorous and simple technical language.

9. Dynamic and pragmatic platform in continuos updating, improvement and growth.

10. Open and Collaborative. Promoting the construction of a virtual and interactive community.

11. Respect and adopt superior wisdom and knowledge

12. Search, select and promote the state-of-the-art "best practices" for plastics processing, including disposability.

13. Permanent concern with Value Creation, Industry and Innovation.

14. Kaizen/Lean Management as a reference. Zero waste target.

15. Inclusive: ALL valuable contributions will be considered and welcome.

16. Adapted to current trends, focusing on Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy.

17. The meeting point of different contributions of Knowledge and Information in the world. 

18. Partnership for an active, collaborative and demanding community interested in the progress of Mould Technology.

19. Commitment for the Sustainable Development Goals.

20. Respect for users privacy protection and applicable legislation.


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