Copper Alloys

Copper alloys, with high thermal conductivity, are used in plastic injection moulds because they allow the optimization of thermal diffusion. Besides, some copper alloys are used in moving surfaces in contact for low friction and low wear.
Copper alloys have also good corrosion resistance. Some copper alloys are not approved
 for food applictions.

Example: Ampco 22 alloy composition has in %   Al 14.1, Fe 4.7    Density: 7,06   Hardness BHN 332            Thermal conductivity 42 W/m.ºK.
While 2311 steel, with  Cr 1.9% nis                                                   Density: 7,83   Hardness BHN 240 -280   Thermal conductivity 31  W/m.ºK


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