Netmould is the new digital "handbook " for the mould industry 4.0. 

Mould "Dicotomic " Chart

Look at a mould as a "PRODUCT ":

In a "value" perspective, one mould is a system of combined functions.

In a "production" perspective, one mould is the result of an industrial process.

In Netmould, we selected 8 main functions and 8 main processing factors.

(Could be more, could be less could be others. Maybe we leave this for a further discussion). 

Those 8 functions plus 8 processes are presented in a 16 "touch key" mind map in our starting Home Page.

If you use a touch screen, a tablet or a smart phone, you just have to touch the key corresponding to your search.

With over 500 pages to choose, Netmould will drive you through a PATH to find your answer after just 5 or 6 touches!

Or else, you can just "travel" along a galaxy of options and chose the ones you want to explore.

We invite you to get involved. Its free! Your knowledge is our most valuable asset.

Welcome to the Netmould Community! The new Mould Social Network.


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